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Founded for a love of Africa

At Intrepid Expeditions we have a deep connection to Africa and a strong appreciation for its breathtaking beauty and diverse wildlife, as well as its people who never cease to inspire us with their hospitality, authenticity, resilience and wisdom. Our three safari consultants were all born in Africa and have close ties and family on the continent. We are passionate about sharing our expertise and knowledge of this incredible part of the world with our clients. With years of experience guiding, exploring, managing camps, working in community based conservation and developing the industry, our consultants are knowledgeable, passionate, and highly recommend travel to this continent.

An African safari is truly a life-changing experience, and we are dedicated to making sure that every trip is an unforgettable one. Discover or re-visit Africa – the origin of mankind, a stronghold with vast pockets of disappearing wilderness, home to the Big Five and many other unique and endangered species and fascinating cultures that make it an icon of biodiversity and hope. We ready to work with you to create a truly unique and memorable travel experience. May you too catch the Africa bug!

Opportunity to Give Back

Commitment to the African environment, people, and wildlife.

On an Intrepid Expeditions trip you will have the chance to see parts of Africa that are both wild and untouched. While you take in all the beauty, culture, and adventure that Africa has to offer, you are directly giving back to the local communities and environment by helping sustain an industry that is working to keep the wilderness wild in a sustainable manner, thus maintaining habitats for plants and animals distinct to Africa. In the process, the safari industry employing and upskilling people from communities who might otherwise be isolated; and thus building more robust local economies and communities it can engage with on an equitable level.

As a company, Intrepid Expeditions is invested in partnering with socially and environmentally responsible tourism partners in Africa – and in lending our support to projects in the regions we frequent. These projects include but are not limited to: conservation efforts, wildlife orphanages, anti-poaching efforts, small-business development and access to training, education and medical services.

When you go on a trip through Intrepid Expeditions, we offer opportunities for you, your family or fellow travelers to lend a hand through in kind support, monetary donations and/or special access to inspiring projects underway.