Andre Steynberg



My early life was spent bare foot and running through the African wild. Born and raised in Zimbabwe,it was inevitable that my career path would begin as a safari guide where I ultimately earned the prestigious “Zimbabwe Guide of the Year.” Throughout these years I had countless experiences leading small personalized trips throughout Zimbabwe in a wide variety of environments before spreading my wings into other safari countries. After 10 years of guiding, establishing, building, and running safari camps I moved to the US where I completed my business degree and realized ultimately how much Africa ran in my blood and that I missed the “beat of the Africa!” This guided me right back into planning safaris and re-igniting my passion for Africa, where it has allowed me to live in the USA and travel annually to the continent for my African fix!

Through a lifetime spent living and working in Africa I have traveled through all the major safari countries and their parks, including all the major, minor and remote areas. I have built up a vast and incredible network of relationships & knowledge of Africa that I am able to leverage and use to enhance every African trip that I plan.

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