About Egypt

An Egypt adventure offers the chance to experience the majesty of ancient civilizations as well as the country’s natural wonders. Egypt is known for its historical monuments, pyramids, and temples throughout the Nile valley and the city of Alexandria. From the oasis of the Western Desert to the streets of Cairo, Egypt has something for everyone.

Major Attractions in Egypt

The Red Sea

The blue waters of the Red Sea on the eastern coast of Egypt offer incredible opportunities for diving and snorkeling excursions.

The Nile River

A highlight of any trip to Egypt includes exploring the Nile River, which can be experienced via cruise or flight. The Nile is the longest river in Africa, and is an integral part of Egypt’s history and economy.


Visiting Giza is a thrilling experience filled with an array of exciting sights and activities, from exploring the iconic pyramids and Sphinx to discovering the many ancient tombs scattered about the area.