About Mauritius

Mauritius is an island nation off the coast of southeastern Africa, and comprises Mauritius Island and several outlying islands. Luxury lodges on beautiful beaches make this an exceptional beach destination easily accessible from South Africa. The clear, warm water, variety of plants and animals, friendly people, and tropical climate make Mauritius a great destination before or after a southern Africa safari.

Major Attractions in Mauritius

The Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountains in the Ethiopian Highlands, also known as the Roof of Africa, are home to endangered animals and vegetation. The sharp peaks and deep valleys of the mountain range offer numerous hiking and trekking opportunities.

The Omo River Valley

Omo River Valley in southern Ethiopia has deep historical roots in exploration and discovery. Over 50,000 fossils have been discovered in the valley, including humans, animals, and fish. A variety of animals including baboons, crocodiles, and numerous species of birds call the valley home.