Nicci Young Wiese

Senior Consultant

I was born and raised in South Africa and France, and always had a deep appreciation for nature and in particular the African wilderness and its people. After graduating with a Masters in Economic Development and Environmental Policy in the US, I returned to become part of the post-Apartheid South Africa in 1992. I was fortunate to get involved with the leading eco-tourism group, andBeyond, helping to create Phinda game reserve, develop other reserves, and establish the Africa Foundation.  I moved to the U.S. in 2002 as Executive Director of The Explorers Club headquartered in New York. In 2007, I decided to continue supporting the African tourism industry from the US and, with encouragement from friends and family, set up a boutique safari agency based on referrals and repeat business.

In 2022, I am proud to have joined the Intrepid Expeditions team with whom I have worked for the past decade as my preferred tour operator. In addition to my continued work with my client base, I look forward to connecting with new travelers, supporting Intrepid’s marketing and branding initiatives and adding other exciting global destinations to our portfolio.

I am passionate about sending travelers on life altering journeys, whether they be luxury or rustic, tailoring destinations and experiences to travelers’ criteria, while supporting community and wildlife conservation. I am based in CT and NY and enjoy traveling the world with my family.

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