Nicci Young Wiese

Senior Travel Designer

Born in South Africa and raised in France, I have always been drawn to nature and different cultures. After obtaining a Masters in Economic Development and Environmental Policy in the US, I returned to South Africa in 1992 to become part of the post-Apartheid landscape.I was fortunate to join a start-up eco-tourism group, which quickly grew to become a leader in the industry with properties and operations in several countries. I had 10 incredible years traveling extensively through southern and East African Africa, helping to develop game reserves, new lodges and conservation partnerships. During this time, I understood how critical community involvement was for sustainable ecotourism, so I also established a foundation to develop the group’s social responsibility programs in the areas surrounding the game reserve.

In 2002 I was recruited as Executive Director of The Explorers Club headquartered in New York. Though it was not easy to leave Africa again, I have always been passionate about people, places and this planet and The Explorers Club seemed worth the move! In the concrete jungle, I realized how many Americans wanted to visit or re-visit Africa and in 2008 set up a boutique safari agency which has grown exponentially based on referrals and repeat business.

I am dedicated to my clients, whether new, repeat or referred. I like to listen to their wishes and needs, assist them in navigating the array of choices – from destinations, seasons, properties, guides, activities – and prepare them for the unique experiences that we plan together.

This year, I am excited to be working on Intrepid Expeditions’ marketing and branding initiatives and adding other global destinations to our portfolio. I also continue to be involved with US based foundations supporting community and conservation programs in Africa.

Based in Weston, CT & New York, NY