Festus Mbinga

Festus grew up in Otjinene, a small village in the Kalahari Desert in eastern Namibia. His family was of Herero decent and they were economically pastoralist. As a child, Festus would tend the family’s free-ranging cattle. His school was also a few kilometres from home and these two factors ensured that he spent a great deal of his youth out in the bush.

His rural lifestyle changed when his father moved to Windhoek to take a job as a taxi driver in the Katatura District. Although he was now based in the city, Festus retained his passion for all things wild. After completing his schooling, Festus’ first job was as a cross-country driver. He would also act as a translator on these trips translating between guests and the local people. He was subsequently promoted to a lodge-based guiding position in the Ongava Reserve. The four years that he spent guiding in this big-game country was the platform from which Festus launched his career as a specialist guide.

When Wilderness Safaris opened the Skeleton Coast Camp in 2000 Festus was the natural choice to lead safaris in this living desert. After spending three-and-a-half years there, Festus joined the Explorations team where he started to lead cross-country safaris.

Festus has a profound knowledge and passion for Namibia and its people. He is an avid birdwatcher. Today, he remains as enthusiastic about sharing the diversity of Namibia as he did when he started out in the industry some two decades ago. He is an incredibly humble individual who ensures that all guests get the very most out of their stay in Namibia.