Jack Kenner

Jack Kenner is a US-based tour leader specializing in photographic safaris to East and Southern Africa. Please contact our office to learn about how to join one of Jack’s upcoming safaris.

Jack earned a Bachelor of Art in Film from the University of Memphis in 1971, and a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Scientific Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Calif., in 1980. Kenner’s 35-year career has taken him from Africa to Europe and across the U.S., encompassing numerous subjects from animals, landscapes, architecture and everything in between. But his true passion has always been nature and animal photography.

Whether photographing animals in the wild or dogs in a client’s home,professional photographer Jack Kenner’s philosophy remains the same. “I want to capture the spirit of the animal,” he says. “I wait for them to show me their spirit. If I just wait, the moment always comes.”

Leading intensive photographic wildlife safaris for Intrepid Expeditions throughout East and Southern Africa, Kenner says his goal is “to stop the killing of animals for trophies and to teach his traveling companions how to use a camera to bag a wall trophy with a photograph.”

Along with a professional safari guide, Kenner teaches guests about lighting, timing and setting to capture shots of wildlife as they are in their natural habitat. And that may mean, as he says, getting you close to the point of no return. “My trips are not for the weak at heart,” Kenner says.

Not only will he assist guests in capturing memorable moments during the game drives, but he also reviews and edits photos back at camp,resulting in professional-caliber photographs.

So whether you’re a semi-professional photographer or a budding enthusiast, Kenner’s photographic wildlife safaris are the ideal option for honing skills to create one-of-a-kind photos.